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Live Streaming services

We understand that this technology can be intimidating, and the process can seem daunting. It is our goal to remove any worry or doubt, and deliver the professional service that your project requires. We take away the guess work and simplify the process for you. Whether you are filming a Live town hall, or need to patch in presenters from multiple locations. We have the resources to streamline the process. Whether it’s a fashion show, a keynote address or secure legal conference we are able to broadcast your event live to an audience in the next room, or on the next continent, as long as they have access to the web they will be able to participate.

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Sell Virtual Tickets

With our services you can Sell virtual tickets. Maybe your event is Sold out! Great News! You can sell online tickets and reach the people that weren't lucky enough to make it in person. With virtual tickets no one is left out.  With the latest and greatest technology Your audience will feel like they are there in person.

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Professional Live Stream Services allow you to reach the masses with your message. Whether you are streaming a live concert or church service, this technology allows you to touch more people with your brand message than ever before. You can present in front of a live audience, all while other viewers watch the webcast online. We can present a single presenter or multiple presenters. In addition to expanding your audience a live video stream allows for you to reach a global audience. From a private simulcast to a public event we will work closely with your team to help fulfill the overall needs of your project

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